Don’t Get Screwed, Use a Contract!

Have you ever been screwed over for your work? Did you have your client or the person employing you sign a contract? Without a contract put in place, you might end up doing more work for less pay (or none at all). To avoid this headache, make sure to use a contract before any work begins. A contract is to protect both you (the service provider) and them (the client or employer).

Like most people starting out freelancing, I didn’t use a contract. Still, to this day, there are times I deal with the problem that some people don’t want to use a contract. BIG RED FLAG!

I want to keep this post short and leave you with the famous video from Mike Monteiro of Mule Design. It’s a bit long, but it’s completely worth your time to watch.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be some profanity in the following video!


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