Hello Again!

I have neglected my blog for too long now. For those of you who do follow, I appologize! I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that I am working on writing more posts to keep my blog full of new and interesting content. If you have any suggestions or words of encouragement, feel free to leave a comment. I hope you all have had a great spring! Enjoy the summer too!


A New Year and Change

It’s almost half way through January and I’m a little late to wish you all a happy new year so, Happy New Year!!

I want to make a note to everyone who reads my blog and let you know that there will be some change happening in 2013. I have been working on bringing my portfolio and blog together in one place. When this happens, I will be sure to give everyone an update with a link to my new website once it’s finished. Here is a sneak peek at my new site (still in development).


Have a awesome 2013 to everyone!

Why I Became a Graphic Designer

Okay! You already know I’m a graphic designer. You might have even stumbled across my portfolio. Thank you for that! But you probably don’t know why I decided to become a graphic designer.

The Beginning

As a child, I loved to draw. When my family took road trips or went camping, I always had a sketch book or coloring book with me. I can also remember my father teaching me how to draw 3D shapes. That was mind blowing! 🙂

As I made my way though school. You would always find me in an art class. Putting my creative thoughts on paper was exciting!

The Computer

When I was in the 8th grade (1996), our computer lab teacher asked me and my best friend to ditch lunch recess and help develop a course on computer graphics. We were asked to come up with ways to teach like minded students how you could develop art and designs using the computer. We didn’t have much to work with, but we did used what programs were available to come up with some cool stuff. The most memorable program was working with a 3D program that was called Virtual VR (if I remember correctly). It was a virtual reality program that we used to create buildings, houses, and even a giant swimming pool with slides and diving boards. Remember, I was still an 8th grader at this time. We used these models to introduce other students to the program and help teach others that the computer was going to be the tool of choice when it came to producing a lot of different products.

Light Bulb!

It wasn’t until high school that I realized I was onto something. I was constantly creating and needed to decide what to do with my life.

What can I do to always be creative in my career?

There I was, in art class again. This particular class was interesting. It was called Intro to Graphic Design. Light bulb!! I loved this class so much that I knew exactly what I needed to do! I must become a graphic designer!


Today, I am a graphic designer. I’ve carved a path for myself to become what I wanted to be. You know more now why I became what I am. I’m always excited to hear what others have gone through to discover what their career choice was. If you feel like sharing your journey, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

Selling My Instagram Photos

My photo “Morning Dew” from Instaprints.com

As I was browsing through my RSS feeds Monday morning, I read an article from Mashable that talked about a new service called Instaprints. Instaprints let’s anyone who uses the app Instagram upload their photos and sell them as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more to a global audience. Reading this article came at the perfect time for me. My wife and a number of friends and family have told me that some of the photos I’ve been taking with Instagram are really beautiful and that I should have them printed on canvas or framed. So I spent a few minutes setting up my profile so that I can sell some of my Instagram photos.

As a graphic design, I’ve started to enjoy photography as a side hobby. I don’t have any fancy camera setup right now. It’s just me, my HTC Evo 4G Android phone (yes, you read that correct! I don’t have an iPhone like everyone else.) and my eyes focusing on some of the amazing things I see around me. I take photos of my family and our pets too. Doesn’t everybody? For now, I have a small gallery of flowers, landscapes and clouds in the sky. I hope to sell some of these photos and encourage others to check out Instaprints. Who knows, you may make a nice little side income from this service.

Visit my Instaprints.com profile to see the photos I have for sale.

Show the World your Passion

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always enjoyed drawing and creating art. Little did I know, I was developing a passion that I could follow for the rest of my life. There are many people in this world that don’t know which direction to take in life. Many of these people end up in a jobs or careers that they cannot be excited about, but others do. For me, I knew from an early age that I wanted to make a career around art.

While I was a typical teenager in high school, I found myself in some kind of art class every year. One year, I signed up for a class that I knew nothing about but the name of the class interested me. Intro to Graphic Design, what is that? What is Graphic Design? The teacher that taught the class wasn’t a graphic design, but she had friends who were. So I found myself learning a basic background to what Graphic Design was and that people actually made careers out of it. Now, I use to see logos, posters, book covers, and those big signs over roads they call bill boards. I didn’t know that graphic designers, illustrators, ad agencies, design firms and copyrighters were responsible for these visually interesting pieces of art that helped companies make names for themselves, or help sell their products. This was pretty awesome to learn.

We were assigned a project to come up with a name to a cereal brand that was our own, design a cereal box, and showcase this creation as our final to Intro to Graphic Design. This was the most exciting assignment I had ever had in my whole school career! To say the least, I was hooked! I wanted to be a graphic designer for the rest of my life & make this my career.

We where visited by The Art Institute of Seattle during this class, so that took the pain out of deciding on where I wanted to go to school. I had family in Seattle, so that was an easy choice. Convincing my parents that going to school for art and design was not so easy. I had to show them and prove to them that this was my passion! I did everything I could. I even tried to get a scholarship to The Art Institute of Seattle, but didn’t get it. They eventually gave in and helped me to send me out to Seattle. I graduated in 2 years and have never once felt bad about this decision.

My passion has lead me to a great career in graphic design. This passion keeps growing every day by learning new things or ways at solving problems using design. Helping clients and the people that employ me, is my greatest achievement. Anyone who isn’t sure of what they want to do for their career, I highly suggest finding your passion. If you have something you enjoy doing, pursue it! Take it to the next level and make a career out of it. If you love what you do, and have passion for it, you won’t feel like your working some stupid job that you could care less about. I promise! Show the world your passion!

Let me know what you’re passionate about. Do you make a career out of something your passionate about? Share your comments.